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The latest news and scheduled events for Great Escape sailors

Overnight at Urupukapuka

If you are a sailor on our two-day introduction to sailing course you can now choose Otehei Bay, Urupukapuka for your night aboard.  This is a wonderful way to spend more time out on the water in the beautiful Bay of Islands.  Cook aboard or enjoy the cafe ashore, explore the wonderful walking tracks, wake up to the chorus of birdsong.  

Lining up for safety

An early morning start and the boats line up on the beach for their safety inspections.

Open Day Down at the Dock

Welcome Aboard We love talking boats and sailing so it’s Open Day down at the dock on Tuesday 24th September. […]

Family Learn to Sail – adventure holiday

“The family that sails together stays together.”  Sailing is an activity you can all enjoy together, it can be immensely […]

Great Escape Sailing is committed to Sustainable Tourism

Reduce, reuse and recycle At Great Escape, sustainability is a core value underpinning our decisions and actions. Our fleet of […]

WOW (Women on Water) was wonderful

WOW – What a fantastic weekend we had. Our second annual Bay of Islands WOW (Women on Water) weekend, organised […]

Davidson M20 …Reduce, reuse, recycle! …

Reuse, reduce and recycle. The Davidson 20 a very sustainable option for your sailing holiday. Providing a sustainable, simpler form of cruising.  The Davidson M20 maybe hasn’t got all the bells and whistles but has everything you need for a comfortable week afloat.

WOW (Women on Water) 3rd Annual Weekend Rally

Weekend sailing rally for women.  For women sailors of all experience levels. Friday, September 25th to Sunday 27th September, 2020. […]

LTS Graduates Flotilla 22nd to 24th November

Join us 22nd to 24th November 2019 for a learn-to-sail graduates fun flotilla, sailing rally. Enjoy the freedom of bareboat […]

100 Learn to Sail Courses

Daryl completes coaching 100 learn-to-sail courses