Great Escape winter sailing featured in NZ Herald travel section

We were lucky enough to have Alexia Russell, Auckland Journalist join us for an off-season winter weekend, she wrote an article on her experiences which we think captures the joy of sailing here in the bay during the quieter months.

“There is nothing like the feeling of the lift of a yacht when a gust of wind fills the sails.

Your body automatically stacks out to balance the tilt of the vessel, and the thrill of it has you grinning to split your face. Around us the blues piled on blues, there were 100 shades of shimmery greys and a milky sun took the edge off the cold. A beanie, polyprop gear and a decent jacket was more than adequate protection. We sailed past the famous Eagles Nest luxury lodge, high on a Russell cliff, and I wasn’t even envious.”

Read the whole article here

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