Great Escape one of NZ’s best sea experiences

NZ Herald

January has been a busy month for Great Escape in the Media.  Zoe Ingham from the New Zealand Herald featured our Sailing adventures in her “Best Sea Experiences” article.

144 Islands in the Bay of Islands

Zoe highlighted our peaceful pacific paradise, Northland’s 144 islands in the Bay of Islands, snuggled together between the Pureura Peninsula and Cape Brett.

She commented that, “You could do worse than spend the day sailing in these picturesque parts. There are plenty of islands offering good anchorage and opportunities to park up for the day and watch marine life, go diving, and throw a line out.”

See the full article here: Click here for NZ Herald article “New Zealand’s best sea experiences to see this summer”.

Viva Lifestyle Magazine

Great Escape also featured in Viva lifestyle magazine.

Refresh your soul

Juliette Sivertsen commented that the ocean is an invigorating escape for many of us, and a place to recharge the batteries and refresh our souls, and asked, “What better way to explore the seas and to feel the power of nature, than to learn to sail yourself?”  Juliette detailed our six-day learn to sail then sail yourself adventure so those that might want to experience the joy of learning to sail then sailing by themselves would know what to expect.

See the full article here: Click here for VIVA article “Great Escape: Learn To Sail In The Bay Of Islands”

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