Skill Builder: Five days, four nights

Update and expand your fundamental sailing skills. Spend two days with your instructor to increase your competence and confidence, then cast off by yourselves to implement and cement your learning, build your sea miles, and enjoy exploring the beautiful Bay of Islands.  Everyone aboard gains expertise so they can enjoy and fully participate in the sailing adventure.

This is an intermediate level course. A sailing qualification, or acceptable experience is required. Suitable for couples, families, and small groups of friends.

Choice of yacht – boat and instructor to yourselves

Overview of Course

Days One and Two: INSTRUCTION

  • You’ll be out sailing with your instructor, they check in with you where you are at and what you want to gain from this adventure.  You’ll refresh your sailing and boat handling skills, get familiar with the different boat and its systems. learn how to work as a team.  Your instructor will revise and expand your navigation, weather and anchoring skills.
  • After a full day sailing and learning, you return to the base where you sleep aboard safely tied to our dock in Opua (the instructor goes home at the end of each day). You can cook aboard or eat out.

Days Three to five: SAIL BY YOURSELF

  • The last three days you spend out sailing by yourselves. You chose where to sail and where to drop anchor, you’re in charge. You’ll practise your sailing skills and enjoy the beautiful Bay of Islands.
  • There is an option to add additional sailing days if you want to extend your sailing adventure and enjoy more time on the water.

“Never too late to learn. Revisiting sailing after 40 years since the last time. So lucky to explore the beautiful BOI. Having the confidence to sail the last 3 days on your own. The weather and winds were perfect for us beginners…” 
Tripadvisor Nov 21


Sailing along in a Raven 31

Enjoying the sailing on a Noelex 30

Running downwind on a Noelex 25

Course Content – tailored to individuals aboard

Depending on your personal aspirations and what you need to ensure you are safe to cast off by yourselves, may include some, or all, of the following;

  • Essential safety equipment
  • Weather, tides and currents, understanding forecasts and Met service warnings
  • Navigation, Navigation apps, Position finding, Passage planning
  • Buoys and beacons
  • Rules of the road at sea
  • Maneuvering under power
  • How sails work, Sail selection and hoisting, Sail trim
  • Tacking upwind, Gybing downwind
  • Reducing Power
  • Person overboard
  • Dinghy use and boat-keeping
  • Mooring and anchoring
  • Useful knots


  • There are no qualifications issued from this sail training adventure.  It contributes to the experience necessary for enjoyable sailing and more advanced qualifications.


  • Pricing is dependant on boat and dates selected.  Sail off-peak for a 10% discount.  (off-peak before 20th December and after 7th February).
  • ‘Price per boat for the five day adventure (ensure you do not exceed the maxiumum number of sailors for the boat selected).
    • Davidson 20 Peak $2,395  Off Peak $2,116
    • Noelex 25 Peak $2,945  Off Peak $2,385
    • Noelex 30 Peak $3,420 Off Peak $2,770
    • Raven 31 Peak $3,670  Off Peak $2,973
  • Fuel, insurance, and any required linen, is an additional cost.
  • You may extended your sailing adventure with additional self-sail days, discounted daily rates.
  • Contact us with any questions.

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