Sailing tips

Knowledge and expert advice for our sailors.

Mainsail Trim

Triming the mainsail effectively will reduce heel, minimise weather helm and decrease leeway.  The result is more efficient and comfortable sailing, especially when sailing upwind.  Get to know the main sail controls on your boat and experiment to see how to sail your boat effectively.  

Thinking of a European Charter? You might need an ICC

If you are thinking of chartering in Europe, you will probably need to hold the ICC endorsement, plus have a qualification, such as the IYT Bareboat Skipper certificate. To obtain an ICC from Great Escape Sailing you will need to complete our Advanced Sail Training.

Communication between helm and crew when anchoring

Embark on a voyage of anchor signaling mastery. Silence becomes the language of skillful coordination as you navigate anchoring maneuvers like a pro. Explore the expert cues that ensure seamless maritime experiences.

Beginner’s Guide to Sailing Terminology

Noelex 25 under sail

Get to grips with basic sailing lingo so that you can enjoy your sailing, increase safelty aboard and confidently join any crew.

Key considerations when learning to sail as an adult

Learning to sail as an adult is an exciting endevour. What are the key considerations when finding a course that is right for you?

Figuring out the La Niña and El Niño stuff

La Niña and El Niño effects can be significant. What is this weather phenomena? What can we expect next season?

Fundamental Collision Regs

The fundamental rule when at sea is to avoid a collision, regardless of which is the stand on vessel. It is your responsibility as skipper to keep a proper lookout. It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before heading out.

Buoys and Beacons

Buoys and beacons help to mark the “roads” and safe passage options at sea. There are six types of marks, […]

Fundamental Navigation

Position finding and basic passage planning are the fundamental elements you need to know to navigate safely. This post covers the key questions you should answer and the tools you’ll need to navigate safely on your Bay of Islands sailng adventure.

International Yacht Training eLearning

Links to IYT eLearning and help with registering as an IYT student.

Diesel engines – understanding and maintaining

Learn about marine diesel engines. Understand diesel engines by considering the similar functions of the engine and a human body:
1. Fuel system – food. 2. Electrical – brain. 3. Cooling system – hydration, sweating. 4. Lubricating system – blood stream. 5. Air – breathing. 6. Transmission – movement.

Want to Feel Better? Go Sailing

As well as instinctively knowing that sailing is good for you, and it just feels right, there is scientific evidence to justify your next trip; it has been proven that being on the water, getting out in nature and going sailing is good for you.