Sailing tips

Knowledge and expert advice for our sailors.

Anchoring successfully

Anchored at dusk

This tip focuses on what you need to know to successfully anchor. What you need to know to have the anchor hold for your desired amount of time. The keys to success are making good decisions when selecting your anchorage, understanding the process for setting the anchor and an awareness of anchoring etiquette

What’s not in the brochure

The story of our first off-shore passage. The preparation, the experience and the lessons. First published in Boating New Zealand 2007, included for our sailors dreaming of casting-off for a tropical paradise.

Five survival tips for your first family offshore experience

5 easy tips if you are planning to take your family off-shore.

Trip Report (TR)

Great Escape sailors are required to file a trip report with Russell Radio (VHF Channel 63) when they depart and close off their trip report at the end of the day when they are safely anchored or have returned to the Great Escape Base. 

Basics of sail trim

Fundamental guidelines to trim “change” the sails to reflect the boat’s angle to the wind (point of sail). What to look for with your “tell tales” and how to get back to ideal trim.

What to wear

You don’t need fancy gear to go sailing. Comfortable clothes you can move in and layers to cater for changing conditions work best. A good jacket and waterproof trousers are also useful to protect from wind and rain.

Weather for sailors

Weather, tides and currents are important to sailors. You need to be aware of forecast conditions and to be able […]