Thinking of a European Charter? You might need an ICC

International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

The International Certificate of Competency, commonly referred to as “ICC” is a certificate of competency, not necessarily a “course”. The certificate confirms that an individual is competent to the level required to meet the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Water Committee (UNECE IWC) Resolution 40.
If you are thinking of chartering in Europe, you will probably need to hold this endorsement, plus have a qualification, such as the IYT Bareboat Skipper certificate. It is mandatory in certain European countries and generally required for the inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries. In Northern Europe and Scandinavia, the ICC may not be required, but it is strongly advised to check with any European country that you wish to charter in before you leave. You may also need to submit a sailing CV.

  • The best strategy is to check early with your charter company regarding the qualifications and experience you will need.

How to obtain an ICC

Great Escape Sailing is authorised by International Yacht Training (IYT) to issue MCA ICC 24m Sail, 10m Power Coastal and MCA ICC 24m Sail, 10m Power Coastal and Inland. The ICC is valid for a period of five years.
To obtain an ICC from Great Escape Sailing you will need to complete our Advanced Sail Training. This is a six-day live-aboard course, three days with an instructor and three days practising and improving your skills. You must also complete a comprehensive eLearning course, obtain a VHF certificate, and successfully complete a written examination at the end of the course. We recommend a First Aid certificate as well.

You must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Be physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft and must have sufficient powers of vision and hearing.

The advanced course is not for beginners. Ideally you will have completed your Yachting New Zealand Level 2, have gained the IYT International Crew certification and have a least ten days of sea time under your belt. See the Great Escape Course Progression (Note: partners may participate in the advanced training to obtain crew qualifications – as you get a boat and an instructor to yourselves we can tailor the training to the requirements of the individuals aboard).

As you advance and become more proficient as crew or skipper you take on bigger challenges that require proper training to ensure the safety of your family and friends. The bigger the boat or length of adventure the more training you require.

We look forward to continuing to be part of your ongoing sailing skills development.

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