IYT International Bareboat Skipper (International Flotilla Skipper)

  • Module 13 –Small Powerboats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)
  • Module 14 – Boat Handling under Power
  • Module 15 – Basic Sails and Sailing
  • Module 16 – Basic Meteorology
  • Module 17 – Short Passages (Heavy Weather, Restricted Visibility and Negotiating Harbour Entrances)
  • Module 18 – Compasses and Magnetism
  • Module 19 – Charts, Chartwork and Basic Navigation
  • Module 20 – Tides and Currents
  • Module 21 – Buoyage
  • Module 22 – Collision Regulations
  • Module 23 – Navigation Lights
  • Module 24 – Basic First Aid
  • Module 25 – Responsibilities of the Skipper / Captain

Pre-course knowledge or experience required

The International Bareboat Skipper course is a six-day course. It is not for beginners and the recommended entry level requirements are a VHF maritime radio operators certificate, and to have logged over 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea before advancing to this level. The recommended minimum age to obtain this certification is 18.  Sailors should preferably hold the IYT International Crew Certificate or equivalent.

Accrediting Sailing Holidays

Six day advanced sail training – clic to download overview


  • Certificate Limitations
  • Command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 metres
  • In coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore
  • In daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions
  • This certificate is the level of competence that one needs when chartering a boat in the Mediterranean or West Indies where there are restrictions in terms of cruising area and distance from the base and the vessel has to be safely moored in a marina or anchored before dark
  • IYT’s International Bareboat Skipper Sail Certificate covers command of a sailing vessel with a sail area of greater than 80 square metres/861 square feet.
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