Overnight Skipper (Level 3) – Yachting New Zealand

Advanced course for those wishing to charter internationally or move onto boat ownership. This is not a beginner course.

Course content

  • Planning for safe voyages
  • Communication systems
  • Engine management
  • Heavy weather precautions
  • Responsible navigation
  • Minor and less minor emergencies
  • Boat Keeping and Maintenance
  • Galley Skills, stocking the boat with food
  • Night watch & spending at least one night on board
  • Planning & carrying out a sail of not less than 3 days

Pre-course knowledge or experience required

  • YNZ Level 2 and/or at least 15 days sailing (submit your sailing resume for assessment).
  • VHF Marine Operators Licence

Accrediting Sailing Holidays

  • Private Advanced Training

Note: Practical on the water assessment during the course by your instructor

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