Introduction to Sailing (Level 1) Yachting New Zealand

This Great Escape Adult Learn to Sail Course is a Yachting New Zealand Level 1 introductory sailing course.  You will learn the basics of yachting and be introduced to the sport for life.  Safe and fun you will be with your instructor during the day and tied safely to our dock at night.

Learning to sail aboard a Noelex 25

Course content

  • Hazards, equipment, parts of the boat and sailing definitions
  • Hoisting and changing the mainsail and basics of sail trim and tell-tale use.
  • Avoiding collisions and recovering a person overboard
  • Understanding weather forecasts and the clothing suitable for different conditions
  • Learning a variety of knots and their uses
  • Performing all roles associated with tacking, gybing and other crew positions of a boat
  • Knowledge of the ‘Give Way’ rules

Pre-course knowledge or experience required

  • This course is an introduction to Keelboat Sailing, no prior experience is necessary, just a desire to give sailing a go!
  • Suitable for all ages.

Course Delivery – Accrediting Sailing Holidays

This course is delivered aboard either the Davidson 20 or the Noelex 25.  Our instructor ratio is 1: 2, usually a couple, two friends or an adult and child.  (We can also cater for solo sailors and groups of up to four on request).

Courses start on demand and are delivered all year round.  To gain the Yachting New Zealand Level One qualification complete any one of the following Great Escape sailing adventures;

Getting ready to gybe – Noelex 25

  • Two-day introduction (suitable for two beginners)
  • Five-day adventure (if sailing with an experienced sailing partner)

Note: Practical on the water assessment during the course by your instructor

Included in your course;

  • Yachting New Zealand Level 1 Certification
  • Recreational sailing personal log book
  • Optinal accommodation aboard

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