Introduction to Keelboat Sailing (Level 1) Yachting New Zealand

  • Hazards, equipment, parts of the boat and sailing definitions
  • Hoisting and changing the mainsail and basics of sail trim and tell-tale use.
  • Avoiding collisions and recovering a man overboard
  • Understanding weather forecasts and the clothing suitable for different conditions
  • Learning a variety of knots and their uses
  • Performing all roles associated with tacking, gibing and other crew positions of a boat
  • A knowledge of the ‘Give Way’ rules

Pre-course knowledge or experience required:

  • This course is an introduction to Keelboat Sailing.  No prior experience is assumed or required.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Accrediting Sailing Holidays

  • Two-day introduction
  • Six-day sailing holiday
  • Five-day adventure (crew only)

Note: Practical on the water assessment during the course by your instructor

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