Competent Cruising Crew (Level 2) Yachting New Zealand

Competent Cruising Crew

  • Performing safety checks.
  • The correct procedure for use of VHF radio in an emergency
  • An understanding of a marine engine, carrying out pre-start motor checks and how to start and manoeuvre
  • Berthing and person overboard exercises under power and under sail
  • Hoisting and setting the jib/main, changing the headsail, tacking/gibing and sail trimming skills in all crew positions.
  • Helming a boat under instruction
  • Planning a voyage and use basic navigation skills
  • Experiencing a night sail (optional)
  • A range of anchoring techniques
  • Good boat keeping.
  • ‘Rules of the Road’ on the water
  • Tow and row a dinghy safely including coming alongside and transferring passenger

Accrediting Sailing Holidays

  • Six-day sailing holiday.  Three days with an instructor then three days sailing by yourselves and applying the knowledge.

Note: Practical on the water assessment during the course by your instructor

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