Martin Vogel

Martin VogelAt the age of 20 Martin made up his mind to sail around the world. The small matter of not having a boat, no idea of how to navigate, let alone how to sail, did not stop him. Now after more than thirty years of sailing Martin doesn’t claim to be an expert in yacht racing, but he does possess a solid knowledge in anything that revolves around cruising in yachts; from finding the best anchorage for the night, to reading the wind strength and direction of the surface of the waves. From the history of the Polynesian and European sailors to the weather forecasts, through observing the clouds and the wind direction. He would love to show you the ropes, and we know when teaching sailing, sparks of Martin’s sailing enthusiasm jump over, and just maybe they will kindle the fire and love for boats and the sea in you.

“Hard to pick a favourite destination, perhaps Tanna in Vanuatu where I even have my own tree-house.”